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Coffee & Chocolate Description

Visit our Coffee & Chocolate Shoppe

We've partnered with some of the best coffee roasters around the world to bring you quality organic coffee blends.  Stop in and try a cup and view our gift baskets to include beautiful flowers and divine chocolates created with love by BIRNN Chocolates of Vermont Chocolate Creations USA, Coblentz Chocolate Company, Lindt Chocolate, Asher's Fine Chocolates, Lindt Gourmet Chocolates 
Stop in or Call 845-561-3033 to design your custom coffee gift

Coffee Gift Basket

Coffee Gift Baskets

A special blend of our signature organic coffee, a decadent box of our heavenly dessert truffles along with a mason jar of tulip truffles, a fresh herb or  green plant with ever lasting flowers in silk, tastefully arranged in a tray.  What a treat for the eyes and pallet!.  We can also do a small fresh flower arrangement for you.

Irving Farms Coffee

Hudson Valley- Irving Farm

Named for its original cafe on Irving Place in NYC,  since opening in 1996, David Elwell and Steve Leven’s Hudson Valley roastery has been a pioneer, paving the way with industry-leading grower relationships and clean practices designed to use less fuel. Sustainable & Ethical and a great coffee brew.  We carry the Gotham & Hudson Roast.

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Specialty Organic Coffee Blends

High quality beans roasted to bring out their best flavor profile. One sip and you'll taste the passion created by Venetian Coffee Roasters.Since 2008, Venetian Coffee Roasters has strived to create the most perfect morning ritual for you. From delicate light roasts to the most robust of dark, we pride ourselves on our ability to capture the perfect cup tailored to you.

Republica Mushroom Coffee

La Republica Mushroom Coffee

This premium Brazilian small-batch coffee, is hand roasted in Los Angeles, freshly ground with extracts of whole fruiting bodies of Lion's Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail mushrooms. We humans are evolving into complex, powerful, and beautiful beings... your coffee should keep up! The taste of La Republica GROUND Mushroom Coffee is on par with 100% Kona coffee, and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffees.

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Coffee and Flowers

Fresh Flowers and Coffee, we will custom design a beautiful fresh floral arrangement and package it with one of our signature coffee blends.  You can add truffles or just add more coffee!  Give us a call to customize this extra thoughtful coffee gift!.  Coffee available in 4 oz and 12 oz packages.  Floral arrangements start at $35.00 for this combination gift. 

Boxed Chocolates

Coblenz Chocolates- Amish Country

For over 3 decades the Coblenz family have mastering the art of chocolate making.  We are featuring their boxed chocolates in 4oz and 8 oz size. Handmade using the finest ingredients.Chocolate. Fresh, local cream and butter are used in their confections, as well as a high percent cocoa butter, which sets them apart from other chocolatiers. 

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