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Is it a real flower shop or a FAKE?

Hello flower lovers!. In a world of fake this and fake that, who would have thought there is such a thing as a fake flower shop!... Well, there are and they have been around for some time with new folks getting in on it. Basically these online flower shops are actually just great website builders and marketers. They are not real floral designers with design experience. Real floral designers work in real flower shops, have experience and know the business inside and out!

We've all seen them. Gorgeous websites with "stock" photos of beautiful arrangements declaring they are "floral artiste". The truth is, often, what you are seeing are photos of someone else's designs or simply just "pretty" stock photographs of flowers. This is deceptive. If they were actually good designers, they would proudly display their own work and wouldn't have to resort to using stock images. This reminds me of the "perfect date", dressed to the max, out for the evening with a "dressed up" persona only to find out after you went home with the date, the next morning shock!. The person is a total FAKE, doesn't look the same, is not the person they pretended to be! You think to yourself, this was a mistake! If the online flower shop doesn't clearly tell you they are in a "network" of flower shops, such as reputable wire services networks such as Teleflora or FTD, then it's simple, they are practicing unscrupulous tactics. If they are going to drop ship your flower order by mail carrier from a warehouse or re-route your order to a real flower shop, they should tell you. They also, often, charge extra fees while never actually executing the design of the flowers. These practices give the flower industry a black eye. It is unfortunate but in a world of technology, it's easy to get deceived by online fakes. These fake flower shop websites are often state of the art because the people building them are trained to build websites and market to you. They are not, however, trained in floristry or how to provide good customer service, provide stellar flower arrangements and reliable, timely, considerate delivery service of your flower order. The flowers you buy from a real florist have been properly processed, carefully and passionately put together and the person receiving the flowers are treated as someone very special.

Buying or sending flowers for someone special is an expression of emotion and deserves the attention of a true professional..

If you want a beautiful website, order one from a professional website builder. If you want to send beautiful flowers to express an emotion for someone special, order them from a real professional florist. You won't be disappointed. And the bonus, you'll save money while being guided by an experienced florist who knows the best way to accomplish what you are trying to say with flowers!

How to tell if it's a real florist

Does it have a physical address/ location in your town? Can you visit their floral studio? Are you allowed to customize a design or choose what you want or is it all cookie cutter? Does it provide same day delivery? Does it offer a good inventory of fresh flowers at all times? Are the images on their website photos of their actual designs or are they stock photos or someone else's work? Do they know the names of common and unusual flowers and can they educate you as to when certain flowers are in season?

Support your real local florists and keep the industry thriving!. Those of us who work in real flower shops love flowers and can't imagine not being the one to design your beautiful flower arrangements especially for you! #realflowershops #localflowerdelivery #floraldesign #savemoney

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