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New Gifts and Holiday Flowers!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

We're stocking many new HANDMADE in the USA gifts just for you, our beloved customers. Gift and Floral Packages are carefully and lovingly being put together for the special people on your holiday gift giving list. Some of our new items include handmade soaps and aromatherapy products, crafter by indie artists in the US.

These products are not found on Amazon or big retailers. Healthy, original, organic and handmade items have been carefully curated for our select customers. Stony River Soaps ~ Imagine holding a soap in your hands that feels like velvet, and smells and looks so very natural, that it transports you to refreshing forests, fields and mountains. Non GMO!

Pretty Valley Home diffusers, aromatherapy inspired, cultivates an uplifting lifestyle, as well as providing a gracious home furnishing. These succulent and orchid diffusers are magnificent!.

The refreshing citrus, oranges or pear scents will add welcoming aroma to any space as well as nice accent of greenery.

Druzy jewelry, beautiful gems from the earth, we've added crystal, stones, silver and beaded jewelry to add to a beautiful bouquet!. A gift that lives on and on. Capturing memories of any special occasion or holiday.

Sage wands Dry flowers,

Lavender, fresh bunches of pine, balsam, berries, huckleberry, pods, eucalyptus and boxwood. Wreaths, centerpieces,

pinecone diffusers, candles and more!

The coffee and chocolate shop is open!. Stop in, taste and sip our delicious organic coffees, and fair trade bean to bar chocolates! No gmo's. Pure and heavenly.

Stay tuned for our OPEN HOUSE on Dec 4th

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