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Why do people love roses for Valentine's Day?

It's all about the L O V E The biggest flower holiday of the year is on the horizon, Valentine’s Day! So, what's the deal with roses?.. Why are they so popular and why do people love to give roses to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day? Well, there are a few reasons, but the main reason is, roses are just gorgeous!. Roses make people “feel” emotion, they are colorful, fragrant, artistic and yes, sexy. Valentine’s Day is about expressing emotions, most importantly LOVE. Nothing says I LOVE YOU more than roses, especially RED ROSES. Red roses are the number one selling flower for Valentine’s Day. The rose is known as the favorite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love so if someone gives you roses, it's a sure bet they love you.

Some historical reports about Valentine’s Day, say the tradition of giving flowers on February 14, Valentine's Day started when King Charles II visited Persia, where he saw locals offering red roses to others as a way to express their love. When he went back to Europe he introduced this tradition to Europeans, where it soon became popular. Why are roses more expensive for Valentine's Day?

Unfortunately, following another big holiday that demands red roses, Christmas, this makes red roses supply limited. There are just weeks to replenish rose plants for Valentine’s Day following Christmas. The increased demand and the limited supply causes increases in price up for fresh beautiful premium red roses for Valentine’s Day. The increased price in transportation of roses from farm to florist is higher in February also. Simple things to know about roses. There are many grades, sizes, and varieties. Color roses are also breathtakingly beautiful and in high demand as well. Colors and Species include the lavenders ( Moody Blues, Cool Water, Amnesia, Ocean Song and Purple Haze), the pinks (Pink Mondial, Engagement, Esperance, Jessica and Titanic), the yellows (Latina, Stardust, Bikini), the peaches ( Tiffany, Shimmer ) and all the gorgeous whites and creams ( Polar Star, Play Blanca, Mother of Pearl, Akito, Eskimo, Tibet) . There are bi-colors, oranges, green, and even rainbow roses. Any color you can imagine!. Spray roses are beautiful miniature roses that grow with multiple blooms on a stem. They come in all colors as well.

TIPS FOR HANDLING ROSES The most important thing to do for roses is keep them hydrated, they love water. When you receive your roses, if they have not been arranged in a vase for you, RE-CUT them immediately. Cut the stems diagonally in a bowl of water, under water, to help open up the cells on the bottom of the stem so that the hydration can travel to the head where the beautiful bloom resides! Use the preservative provided by your florist or if you don’t have any, you can add a couple tablespoons of sugar or lemon juice to the vase. This will help preserve the flowers. Change the water often, ( every other day ), bacteria in the water kills flowers. Keeping the water clean will dramatically increase your vase life. Keep your fresh roses out of direct heat or direct bright sun where they may warm up too much. Flowers like it cool. If your roses are de-hydrated with wilted heads immerse the entire flower head and stem into a tub of water after re-cutting a fresh stem. Let them take a water bath, return an hour or so later, and they will spring back to freshness! When arranging your roses at home, consider the amount of stems you have and how large the mouth is of the vase before choosing the vase to display your roses. The flowers should fit snuggly in the vase to stand where you want them. If you don't have a lot of greenery and like or need more, go outside and pick some!- add them to your roses for an attractive backdrop. DON'T THROW AWAY THOSE PETALS!... Peel back petals to put in your bath water! And remember, take time to smell the roses...

Happy Valentine's Day! ..

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