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Learning how to arrange your own flower bouquets

So you love #flowers, but you can never seem to get them to look "right when you take them out of the wrapping!. Here's some tips to help you get the #flowershop look with your cut flowers!

It all starts with the proper size vase. Consider the mouth of the vase as well as the height. If the mouth is too big or too small, your flowers will either look either cramped or flop around in the vase. You want the flowers to be snuggly placed in the vase but at the same time not smashed together. Give them room to flow. If the stems are too tall, cut them to a length that allows them to drink water, yet stand above the mouth of the vase in an aesthetic fashion. Place your greenery in first, creating a grid for the flowers. If you don't like or have a lot of greenery, place your bulkier or larger flowers in first. Turn your vase or vessel as your placing your flowers in the vase so the flowers are not all facing the same direction. This will give your flowers room to spread and show their best face from all directions.

You can also arrange them in your hands and then place them in your vase or vessel. It takes a little practice to master this skill but this is really a great way to #arrangeflowers. Take the #cutflowers out of the wrapping, create a grid of greenery in your hand, and then strategically place the flowers in a pattern you find pleasing while turning your hand and the bouquet as you are placing them. Snip the stems evenly when complete, then place them in your vessel. Viola! We will be offering bouquet arranging classes in the fall, so contact us if you are interested in attending any of our small hands on instruction! 845-561-3033.

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