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Top 5 tips for surviving the supply chain madness while planning your wedding

It truly has been a very challenging time for all our couples trying to plan their wedding. First the shutdowns, and now, we find ourselves within a supply chain shutdown. First and foremost, we'd like to assure you, our beloved customers, that we are doing everything we can to source and have available the most cost effective and available solutions. Here's our TOP 5 tips for a stress free experience during your planning.

1.) Trust your florist- we have multiple vendors we can source for you. We know what works and what doesn't when substitutes need to be used. 2.) Go local- it is tempting to want to scour the internet only to find the product they are promoting may be of poor quality, have long shipping times, and or not arrive on time

3.) Be flexible- a little bit of flexibility goes a long way and your local florist will work magic with whatever challenges arise. We are experienced

4.) Plan ahead, WAY ahead. Planning ahead gives us more time to source more places, saving you money, eliminating stress 5.) RELAX- and enjoy the process, this is such an amazing time in your life and enjoying the process makes the outcome that much more enjoyable. Visit our wedding division, , for expert advice and design mastery to help you navigate your way to the perfect wedding!

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